Therapist Mental Health

As a trained and experienced therapist, Susan focuses on a Cognitive and Behavioral approach in addition to other modalities based on the individual needs and goals of the client. Susan assists the client in preparation for a life path that is more satisfying and productive. Susan works with the client and helps them develop the tools necessary for improved self-confidence and identification of achievable and realistic goals.

Mental Health Counseling/Coaching

Personalized Mental Health Counseling

Susan focuses on an individualized approach to the mental health and overall well-being of each client. She is an experienced therapist having worked in diverse settings and on national health issues. With Susan's support, the goal is to assist clients towards improved self-confidence, increased motivation and independence and an overall improved quality of life.


For the past decade, Susan's focus has been on advocacy for all stages of adulthood utilizing various approaches, strategies and teaching to assist in individual growth. Her clients range from adults with various forms of cognitive/neurological differences; ADHD, anxiety, depression, Autism (ASD), co-curring conditions and a variety of personal and social challenges. With individualized care, Susan includes teaching, CBT and other therapeutic modalities. Her primary focus is towards cognitive, behavioral, and evidence-based approach (CBT) for treatment. Since each person is unique, Susan focuses on personal development and specific needs to identify goals for therapy.

Ultimately, Susan partners with her clients to assist in internalizing empowerment and self-worth, greater independence and improvement in all aspects of their lives. Susan believes that in order to uncover one’s strengths and potential, identifying and working on specific challenges is important to her strength based approach.

Insurance Plans

As a New York State Mental Health Counselor, Susan recommends you check with the BEHAVIORAL HEALTH department associated with your insurance to see if your provider includes OUT OF NETWORK benefits for New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselors.