No one ever understood me the way Susan did. She helped me a lot... she helped me find out why I always felt different and that I was okay. I'll miss her a lot.
~ Former Client

My son probably was one of Sue's first clients. She was able to gain his trust. This does not happen too often if at all. Whoever she works with will realize this as well.
~ Parent of Adult with ASD

Few professionals get down to the practical everyday challenges of those on the spectrum. Sue talks the talk and walks the walk... an advocate, a navigator and a partner who knows the path is arduous but attainable!
~ Antonia Chirico Shiffman MS RN LMHC

Susan Cortilet Jones is one of very few clinicians who both understands the unique challenges that many individuals with autism spectrum disorders face in navigating the world around them and how to help clients translate their experiences into a social context that is understandable. These skills, coupled with an unsurpassed tenacity, help her empower clients to establish and move forward in achieving their individual life goals.
~ Russell H. Tobe MD

Outpatient Research Department
Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

Sue Cortilet is a wonderful resource for individuals, families, schools, and clinicians as she approaches each circumstance in a manner that maximizes the strengths of each. She is completely committed to the goals of each person she serves and is a real innovator in marshaling resources in the most effective way, due in no small part to her awareness of the most recent research and strategies in her field. She’s a gifted clinician and dedicated advocate who has impacted significantly on those we have co-treated.
~ Joe Zweig, Ph.D.
NYS Licensed Psychologist

Susan has proven to be a valuable member of the Autism Spectrum News Editorial Board since June of 2013. Her positive energy is contagious and her passion to advocate for adult individuals on the spectrum is inspiring. Sue puts her all into everything she does, and the autism community is lucky to have such a devoted clinician in their corner.
~ David H. Minot, BA
Publisher, Autism Spectrum News


I have known my dear friend Susan Cortilet for about 10+ years... co-developed a unique program called “Opening Doors” which provided adults with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism an opportunity to develop their social skills and friendships with the other participants. Susan’s boundless energy, intelligence and most important of all, her compassion, kindness and advocacy for those who reside in our society but are limited by their emotional and behavioral challenges, committed her time and energy to serving these very needy individuals and their families. The autism community where she has benefited many clients will miss Sue tremendously.
~ Judith Omidvaran, Co-Facilitator
Support Group for “Families of Adults with Aspergers/High Functioning Autism” – Hawthorne, NY (www.faahfa.com)

Susan was an integral part of helping my young adult son with Aspergers develop into a successful independent adult. Sue helped him use his brilliance to understand and internalize the importance of social expectations, appropriateness, norms, and behaviors. Sue welcomed him into a program that she co-created called “Opening Doors”, where he eventually interned. With Sue’s guidance and persistence, he was able to cultivate his gifts and learn, understand, and demonstrate proper discretion on both social and professional levels. Sue helped with career preparedness for his current position as an accomplished adjunct professor at a City of New York College. As the parent of a child with Aspergers, the best thing we can do is to step back and allow Sue to enter as a life coach. She will accompany them in the outside world and help us build a bridge to independence, so they can walk across it.
~ RT
Parent of Adult with ASD