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In Defense of Small Talk

Zosia Zaks:

“We need all hands on deck to right the ship of humanity… as we sail into an uncertain future we need every form of human intelligence on the planet working together to tackle the challenges we face as a society… we can’t afford to waste a brain!”

“By autistic standards the normal human brain is easily distractable, obsessively social, and suffers from a deficit of attention to detail…”

Frankly Speaking: How I Found Purpose

Judge This

Losing Amy

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I welcome comments to my site…thank you. My intention is to share information and because I read when I have time in between the work I do….my posts are intended to share. So, if you don’t receive a reply please don’t be offended. Social media to me is a way to share information that people might not otherwise have access to.

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I am still learning the process and plan to post more regularly.

Want to Hire More Diverse People? Raise Your Bar.

Want to Hire More Diverse People? Raise Your Bar.

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New York Cares for Autism