Experienced Provider for Adults with 'High Functioning' Autism

As a mental health clinician and advocate for adults with 'high functioning' autism, Susan has spent years working with adults and children who have learning and neurological differences (i.e. Autism [least severe], ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and other co-morbidities). Susan is a service provider in the 'Research Triangle' and has developed an approach to working with autistic adults and their families (many diagnosed in adulthood) to improve the quality of their lives based on the unique individual characteristics associated with their development and social experiences.

Autism & Asperger's Syndrome

Those with learning, ASD and neurological differences frequently experience difficulty in employment , academic, and everyday social settings. LIFE TRANSITIONS occur all the time, but for persons with ASD they can be quite difficult. Identifying supports and organizing life around these objectives often prove daunting. Susan focuses on issues related to socialization, initiative, executive functioning (i.e. organization, planning, problem-solving, judgment), and family and peer support. Together she assists the client in developing goals and strategies that are achievable towards greater confidence and ownership for healthy change. With sustained effort and work, independence, self-advocacy, personal growth and self-satisfaction are achievable. She has successfully assisted many clients to experience a great sense of empowerment in the workplace, at home and in the social world.

Partnering on Your Behalf


Susan's years of experience in higher and secondary education, as well as her advocacy and knowledge of work-related issues have guided her towards a greater focus on assisting many clients with employment. She helps the client with all phases of seeking employment and frequently works with the individual and their support systems to address mis-perceptions and negative stereotypes associated with employing persons with 'disabilities'. With greater knowledge in our society about autism, Susan provides education to employers and advocacy on behalf of clients in order to realize the enormous benefits of higher adults with autism.

Experienced Autism Expert/Provider and Mental Health Advocate

This photo was taken at the Autism Spectrum News Annual Fundraiser in December 2014 for which I am a member of the ASN Editorial Board fundraising committee.
From left to write, Joseph Buxbaum, PhD ( Director, Mt. Sinai Seaver Center/world-renowned molecular geneticist), Susan Cortilet Jones, LMHC (Editorial Board Member/Autism Spectrum News 'ASN'), David Minot, BA(Publisher/Associate Director of ASN), Alison Singer, (Co-Founder/President of the Autism Science Foundation), Ira Minot, (Executive Director of ASN and Behaviorial Health News)

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